Works accepted in the 33rd Fidelio Ponce Visual Arts Hall

Text Lázaro David Najarro Pujol

Camagüey, Cuba, Sep 10.- Due to the quality of the works, contemporaneity and treatment of visual resources, 25 pieces by 17 creators were admitted to the 33rd edition of the Fidelio Ponce Visual Arts Hall, sponsored by the Camagüey branch of the Provincial Council of Plastic Arts, publishes today the national portal of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC).

At the prestigious event, available to the public from September 16 from the institution’s virtual platforms, 116 proposals from 47 artists were sent.

Among the creators who will exhibit their pieces at the 33rd edition of the Fidelio Ponce Visual Arts Hall, the most notable are Adrián Juan Espinosa (Survivor), Alejandro Hernández Álvarez (Cástor and Pólux) and Alejandro Rodríguez Leiva (El Tejano, San Rafael).

The works of Alid Hamouni (Installation), Alid Nail Gérboles (The Mother), Daniel Martínez Reyes (Strangers), Fidel Alejandro Basulto Carrillo (S/T 1, S/T 2), Gisselle Silva (Maleza 1 – Maleza 2) were also admitted. 2), Ihordan Torres (Oshosi) and Isnel Plana Pérez (Anthropogenic exercise: No.1 Root scheme).

The following pieces will be added to the Fidelio Ponce Visual Arts Hall: La flor de la vida, by Jenny Hernández Carbó; Untitled from the series La Travesía, by Joel González Pallerols and Delirio 1 – Delirio 2 by Jorge Eduardo Hernández Leyva.

Likewise, viewers will be able to view the works of Jorge Luis Pulido Álvarez (Triptych: El milagro/Miracle – Right on the edge of the unknown world), by Michel V. Maulenert (Shared Spaces – Cardúmen – Manglares), by Thaymet Muñagorri Jiménez (Exhibition # 1) and Yarai Delgado Cabeza (Distance).

The Communication team of the Provincial Council of Plastic Arts in Camagüey also reported that in the theoretical section of the Hall, Desiderio Borroto was selected as the winner of the Essay Contest, with the work Félix González-Torres: the wind itself, which will be available on our virtual platforms within the framework of the theoretical session of the Fair. (Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez)


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