Matanzas, an Athens in the Caribbean: city of Rivers and Bridges (Photo report)

By  Lázaro David Najarro Pujol

September, 2021.- The morning breeze caresses the faces of those of us who sleepily get off the bus on the Camagüey-Matanzas route. The City of Bridges shows us those concrete and steel frameworks that are part of the heritage of a Cuban city that is also distinguished by an incredible nature and its beautiful open bay.

The same city (bordering its inlet with a mouth wider than its hollow) that, in my adolescence, impressed us with its immense splendor.

We were also touched by the Puente de la Concordia, inaugurated in 1878, to connect the neighborhoods of Versalles and Matanzas, spaced by the Yumurí River. It is a true work of art with beautiful structures that is part of the architectural heritage of the “Athens of Cuba.”

Ciudad de los Puentes

Ciudad de los Puentes

The central Revolving Railway Bridge, as well as the Sánchez Figueras and the others on the San Juan River, enriches the heritage of the city. The city has 17 bridges crossing, in addition to the San Juan, the Yumuri and Canimar.

Always gallant, splendid and attractive, the city of Rivers and Bridges also wears its best clothes in order to demonstrate its cultural development, well earned from the famous gatherings of Domingo del Monte, the Floralesbah Games and its Danzón dances. (Photos by the author)(Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez)

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