Rosamary Argüelles and the new Cuban poetry in tertulia Alas de Colibrí

By Lázaro David Najarro Pujol

August, 2021.- The poet and writer Rosamary Argüelles is dedicated to the literary gathering Alas de Colibrí that, virtually, given the complex epidemiological situation facing humanity, takes place on Sundays in the city of Santa Clara.

Rosamary Argüelles, born in Santa Cruz, based in the city of Sancti Spíritus is the director of the Raúl Ferrer promotion center in the city of Yayabo.

The writer and essayist Rainer Castellá Martínez, organizer of the weekly meeting sponsored by the Casa de Cultura Chichí Padrón, in the city of Santa Clara, opined that poetry is not only distinguished by the use of the image, but also from the roots of a sober and very identical discourse with our cultural tradition.

He considered that the genre is a hallmark in many authors of the new Cuban poetry, for which the project Alas de colibrí is pleased to present one of Rosamary Argüelles’ prose works.

Like two seeds my ovaries gravitate without thinking about their weight,

in the void I remember the escape,

the flight that allowed another body.

But her burden highlights the strength of this fragmented woman beyond sex.

In the love that I profess

without stopping to look at my flesh;

I am more than them,

in the government of his veins

I notice in contractions the pumping always poured,

hormones at the fore in a society that does not give birth to mothers.

My ovaries grow with illicit sighs,

preventing the target from touching them this time,

because more children will not replace the facts,

but they don’t understand

in protest they bathe in crimson

each month

offering between times

the divine satisfaction of flying with them.

A happy mother does not forget to be a woman,

she raved like a man in the desire for more meat,

a happy woman carries her ovaries free of guilt.

Rosamary Argüelles García: Santa Clara 1987 is a member of the Hermanos Saiz Association (AHS) of the Sancti Spíritus subsidiary and graduated from the XXI Onelio Jorge Cardoso 2018 Narrative Techniques Training Course. She has published “Esta, mi yo” (Editorial Luminaria 2019 ) and “The alternative of Hum” (Editorial Hermanos Loynaz, 2020) (Photo: Courtesy of the poet).(Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez)

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