Cuban women as essential protagonists in the Salon Imagen de mujer 2021 (Photo report)

By Lazaro David Najarro Pujol

June, 2021.- A collective exhibition project in which women are the protagonists exhibits the Midas gallery of the Camagüey branch of the Cuban Association of Artisan Artists (ACAA).

With the title Collective Exhibition Salon Imagen de mujer 2021 in which a large group of creators responded to the call for the first time on a virtual basis.

The curator of the exhibition Yoelxy Pilliner López in the words to the catalog pointed out that women, as objects of attention of artists, have a long tradition in the various manifestations of art. The works are available to Internet users until the end of August.

They, he added, she has always been a muse, a source of inspiration or invocation for the few and many; For this reason, the image of it or evocations of it (past, present and future) persist eloquently in the consciousness of those who look at it; even the introspective self-examination of themselves as social and artistic beings at the same time.

The artisan artists from Camagüey participate in the exhibition in the manifestations of ceramics, wood carving, papier mârché, weaving, metals, accessories, among others; whose pieces, all with mixtures of complex techniques, show the craft and creativity of each of the participants, said Pilliner López.

The art critic also highlighted the broad response of artisan artists in response to the call, in such a difficult period, inflicted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Collective Exhibition Salon Imagen de mujer 2021 is a motivation to show that crafts remain active and show the peculiar spiritualities of the artisans of Camagüey; as a perennial exhortation to continue reexamining the artisan work. (Photos by the author)

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