Blanche and the curse of Marshal Gilles: New erotic novel by Cuban writer Rainer Castellá Martínez (+ Photos)

By Lázaro David Najarro Pujol

June, 2021.- To the more than a dozen books published by the Villa Clara writer and poet Rainer Castellá Martínez, is joined by the novel Blanche and the curse of Marshal Gilles (2020-2021), by the Latin American publishing house Promonet.

Readers may be captivated by the pleasure of the forbidden or eager to indulge in historical suspense, erotic romance, and the replay of the timeless or chronological line of alternate history…

The characters are hidden behind the morality or the real power of a past century that takes place in the Old World, with its European setting so unique and unmistakable to the genres indicated.

The author identified the setting as the city of Antwerp, with its Spanish colonial past, but not for that reason deprived of the influence of its own Flemish identity to the north of Belgium, which experienced a great boom as its river connections opened.

Blanche, is the protagonist of this novel by Rainer Castellá. The character is interwoven with the poetic lust of the author for the realization of her masterpiece, she is an unscrupulous, atheist and seductive woman who develops in an initial way as the incestuous victim and then becomes the victimizer of men celibates.

In the promotional note of the novel Blanche and the curse of Marshal Gilles (more than 800 pages), it is specified that another character, closer to the real records of the French military discovered by satanic practices, and prosecuted by the Inquisition was the Marshal Gilles de Rais, who was convicted of heresy and infanticide in the century following the events narrated.

Castellá reveals that in the narration he used the technique that Cortázar used in Hopscotch. He pointed out that he intends to reissue in Cuba the work Blanche and the curse of Marshal Gilles in the near future.

Among his texts are also the novels Conversation of invertebrates (2017), Dark traces (2019) and The silence of the white nights, (2021), as well as the historical narrative Nosotros los de then (2021). The collection of poems Images de Beba (erotic colloquial with neo-romantic brushstrokes) and Sobre el abismo (surrealist) are added.  (Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez)


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