Virtual exhibition invites to see the individual with virtues and defects

By Lázaro David Najarro Pujol
Camaguey, Cuba, Jun 4. – A collection of 34 pieces make up the virtual exhibition “In Praise of Foolishness” by the young plastic artist Oscar Rodríguez, sponsored by the Provincial Council of Plastic Arts of Camagüey (CPAP) and the production and museum of the American academic Paul Murray. The project can be viewed until December 21 of the current year at

The daring collages and works of technique become, according to their curator Juan Carlos Mejías, “the journey of folly in human inheritance, which is passed from generation to generation.”

Mejías, also an art critic and president of the CPAP in Camagüey, reported that the exhibition includes series in which the author has been working for the last three years: Mysticism of the immobile, The nothing of the wise and The fool.

He added that the artist, from the plastic arts branch of UNEAC in Camagüey, in “an apparent oversight, allows us to discover at least three of the main stages of his work on the internal structure of the work; he does not melt the whole image into a whole with the help of glazes to give a homogeneous appearance of the final finish, but rather reveals details that would have remained under his skin ».

It specifies that the creator «establishes an interesting dichotomy between the academic style of the image and the abstract and free stroke with which it covers the faces, impregnating the work with a demystifying spirit that humanizes the cold vision of the figures and adds a certain meaning to its air of denial.

Juan Carlos Mejías, in his words to the catalog, points out that Oscar Rodríguez remembers the journey of foolishness in human inheritance, which, like a code transmitted in the genes, passes from generation to generation.

He adds the specialist: “It is useless to be a simple Greek model, a Roman Caesar or a great military leader like Napoleon, this blind condition does not allow us to see the reality of things beyond our noses.”

In the virtual exhibition «In Praise of Foolishness» the young plastic artist Oscar Rodríguez invites us to «deconstruct the symbol and see the individual who, with all his virtues and defects, walked the streets of this world …» (Photos of the Author)(Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez)

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