Camagüey plastic artists project work goals for the year (+ Photos)

Text and photos: Lázaro David Najarro Pujol 

Camagüey, Cuba, Jan 19.- Project to the world an art of high quality and representative of the national identity, promote institutional collecting and strengthen collaboration with the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC), cultural centers and the system of artistic teaching, among others, constitute work objectives of the Provincial Council of Plastic Arts (CPAP), in Camagüey, for the current 2021, publishes the national portal of the artistic avant-garde on the island.

In the evaluation of the management of the CPAP in 2020 (institution that draws up the cultural policy of the demonstration in the Camagüey’s territory), it was specified that despite the Covid-19 pandemic, a group of actions were carried out, among which he highlighted the development of a group of personal and collective exhibitions and the Photographic November Day in which works by Cuban and foreign authors were shown.

The Council, which is subordinate to three art galleries in the also known Ciudad de los Tinajones, whose historic center is a World Heritage Site, intends in this new stage to contribute to the development of artistic and literary creation in the region and to the conservation and dissemination of the material and intangible heritage of the nation as a form of expression of Cuban identity.

Juan Carlos Mejías, president of the institution, pointed out that the above is added to the improvement of cultural programming and emphasized the urgency in the transformation of mechanisms and systems for the promotion of Cuban culture, hegemony in the media and networks with contents of the highest quality that correspond to cultural hierarchies and support for the International Video Art Festival with permanent headquarters in Camagüey.

The creators that make up the Provincial Council of Plastic Arts also have among their challenges the strengthening of the international projection of national culture in all its manifestations and expressions so that a quality product is positioned on the market and consistent with the identity of the largest of the Antilles.

Together with the improvement of the processes of training, improvement and research in culture, the council will reform institutional relations based on collaboration agreements, together with the creation of an activity characterized by art criticism and joining forces for the publication of a comic book with a selection of works from the Comic Art Day that takes place in the region of shepherds and hats of the National Poet, Nicolás Guillén.

Plastic artist Oscar Rodríguez Lasseria emphasized the need to strengthen ties with the Ministry of Tourism in the territory to promote the most genuine and authentic Cuban culture to the world. Meanwhile, the art critic Pavel Alejandro Barrios insisted on the projection of the cultural service abroad.

Tamira González Jiménez, provincial director of Culture, explained that one of the priorities of the organization is the strengthening of alliances and agreements with the delegation of tourism and all institutions.

The journalist Yanetsy León explained that the Galería de Arte del Semanario Adelante is at the disposal of plastic artists as an alternative to show their quality works and insisted on the importance of the exercise of literary and artistic criticism in the media.

The plastic artist Osvaldo Rodríguez Petit advocated for greater institutional support for creators in the current circumstances in which Cuba lives, hit by the Covid-19 epidemic, to stimulate institutional and business collecting of works and to make taxes more flexible.

Jorge Luis Santana, president and manager of the International Video Art Festival of Camagüey mediated by creating a portfolio of possibilities for artists for companies, as well as the even closer approach of the Provincial Council of Plastic Arts to art schools with , especially from the Vicentina de la Torre Academy and the greater use of the Circuit for the Exhibition, Development and Research of New Media.

Alfredo Fuentes Fernández, reiterated the importance of the projection of the Cuba image in the world and the hierarchical art projects in open spaces of the city, as well as the printing of art books, among other initiatives of the visual arts.

The Provincial Council of Plastic Arts (CPAP), in Camagüey has among its priorities to act in favor of a creative activity aimed at the art critic, they updated it from the National Registry of the Creator, the payment of Social Security and in achieving an exhaustive work of the Fidelio Ponce de León Hall so that it is representative of the work of different generations and where artists from all over the country participate. 

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