New: where Port-au-Prince was born: rich tapestry on the history, stories, and legends of Camagüey (+Photos)

Paul M. Murray. Foto cortesía del autor

Por Paul M. Murray[1] / Photos from the book New: where Port-au-Prince was born

Des. 2020.-In New: where Port-au-Prince was born, journalist and writer Lázaro David Najarro Pujol has woven a rich tapestry on the history, stories, and legends of Camagüey.

The author elevates the historical into the warp and weft of Camaguey history and scattered throughout provoking photographs of the landscape and architecture of the region.

The reader is led through an informative history of the region along with the wit and humor of the author which accompanies his first-hand knowledge and viewpoints.

Threads from the past and present are interwoven into the historical and natural culture of Santa Maria del Puerto del Principe or what we know today as Camagüey. The stories of the iguanas of Middle Whale are of particular interest as are the interspersed background notes on Ernest Hemingway and his stories.

New: where Port-au-Prince was born provides readers extensive information and a complete bibliography of the sources used in the research. From the Three Whales islets in the Bay of Nuevitas, to the military architecture of Fort San Hilario, and finally, to the birth and growth of the New Industrial City of Camagüey, Najarro has brought to life the scenic beauty and rich history of the region.


[1] ACADEMIC EDUCATION: Boston University, College of Engineering. M. S. in Computer Engineering, 1991. Boston University, School of Public Communications. M. S. in Communications Research, 1974. Boston University, College of Arts & Sciences. B. A. in Psychology and Sociology, 1972

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