Fundación Caguayo: 25 years of identity, regeneration and mimicry (Part Two) (+ Photos)

By Lázaro David Najarro Pujol/Photos by the author/ Leer en español

October, 2020.- In order for dreams and projects to become reality, the Caguayo Foundation for Monumental, Applied Arts and Design – led by the sculptor, painter and draftsman Alberto Lescay Merencio – relies on the Sociedad Mercantil Caguayo SA, constituted as a complement to its actions since the founding act itself on September 21, 1995.

Its fundamental mission is to put into practice all commercial processes and represent the creators who develop artistic execution projects, for which it also offers a technical-artistic assessment of these.

Daimí Ruiz Varela, coordinator of Cultural Projects of Caguayo in the city of Camagüey, explained that it works as a system that brings together cultural and commercial work, and where the presence of the latter is vital to promote the income that allows the Foundation to carry out its actions charitable, non-profit in the cultural field, such as exhibitions, research, events and others.

Along with the production of monumental sculptural works, Caguayo also develops – within the line of applied arts – utilitarian artistic ceramics and promotes the design of an important variety of objects with high aesthetic and functional value, for which it takes into consideration the great potential and experience that exists in this discipline in the country.

These creations, along with others made by Cuban artists, are marketed in the Caguayo store system and allow attention to specialized stores Congas de Arte y Diseño, located in Santiago de Cuba and Havana.

The specialist clarified that the Conga stores take their name from the popular and gay Cuban dance, and are very demanding because they only sell pieces that have high aesthetic, artistic and cultural values. “Along with art, they include design and offer small, medium and large-format objects in different manifestations and for decorative or functional use.

In all dependencies, the mission and founding objectives of the institution are respected as part of the great system of Cuban culture, they are faithful to the cultural policy of the country, which is essentially humanistic in nature and preserves the best values.

The concept of the creator of the Caguayo Foundation, the teacher Alberto Lescay Merencio, that art has to be the perfume of life is defended and he emphasized that the system works for this. “Seeking a pleasant confluence so that through art we can contribute to being a better country, better people and the best of the human being sprouts.”

Every two years, the Foundation organizes the Bronze Flight event, in which sculptors from Cuba and Germany come together to promote the creation of pieces of this metal and the exchange of technical knowledge and creative processes around this medium.

Another of the events of great significance is the René Valdés Cedeño Environmental Sculpture Symposium, which brings together a large number of cultists of this art. In both cases, most of the pieces created remain in Santiago de Cuba, which makes the city shine even more with the diversity of works of art that dialogue with the public and turn the city into a pleasant and inspiring place.

Likewise, it maintains an important program of exhibitions in its Art Gallery system and collaborates in many others during different events that are organized in the country to promote the best of Cuban visual creation.

He also participates in the International Biennial of Arts in Havana; since 2016, together with the National Design Office (ONDi), it has sponsored the Havana Design Biennial, with a national scope; and has an important presence in the organization and development of the Caribbean Festival in Santiago de Cuba.

The makers have seen in the Foundation, that according to the journalist and writer Omar González it is an endless artistic work, that helping hand, the path that makes dreams possible and where resources are made available to art and its creators so that activities are of the quality they deserve, with excellent promotion and an enriching dialogue with the public.

The researcher Daimí Ruiz Varela highlighted that during these 25 years of uninterrupted work, Caguayo “is like a big family, it feeds on the spirit of many allies and friends but essentially has in Lescay a promoter of art and beauty that promotes the continuity of the project by his creative and poetic way of seeing life, through his own personal history, the influence of his cultural roots and the respect and gratitude with which he defends the ideas of the Cuban Revolution.

Caguayo dialogues with literature, poetry, theater, music, cinema, society and is concerned with healing deficiencies from a spiritual point of view. Caguayo is concerned with being useful to art and creators, that their work reaches people so that they feel a leading part of their actions as social beings, think through the arts and transform your own reality ”.

The Caguayo Foundation for Monumental, Applied and Design Arts constitutes for its artists and the public security in the work they defend, honesty, altruism, inclusion, ethics, revolution, courage, defiance, rebellion, creativity, hope, collectivity, familiarity, inspiration , Cuban, history, culture, identity.

It is constant regeneration such as the life, colors and mimicry that characterize a caguayan. (Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez)

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