Nuevitas: The Three Calves and the ghost galleon (+ Photos)

Desde una colina antes de llegar al Viejo Espigón se observan en la lejania los Tres Balletos


Text and photos Lázaro David Najarro Pujol /(+Photos)

August, 2020.- From the old breakwater of the port of the city of Nuevitas, a city located in the northeast of the province of Camagüey, three islets can be seen kissed by the waves of the sea. Peacefully asleep and faithful sentinels of the riverbank, they emerge inside the bay, the second largest bag in the country. They constitute a Protected Area of ​​local significance.

Known in the imaginary of its inhabitants as Los Tres Callenatos, they are distinguished by their majesty and become the inspiration of visual artists, writers and musicians, among them Samuel Feijoo, who in The Curse of the African Sorcerer refers: «At the beginning of the 19th century there was a kennel natural oyster, which was known by the name of Banco de las Perlas. It is said that a slave ship arrived in the bay and that a landowner from Port-au-Prince deposited the slaves in the elder calf. After keeping them there for several days, he decided that the best slaves should be taken to the calf in the middle to be trained as divers for the Pearl Bank.

Meanwhile Yanara Rodríguez Escobar, from the University of Santa Clara, in her Bachelor Thesis points out: “The set of elevations of Los Ballenatos, present as distinctive geological -geomorphological elements the steep slopes in the coastal limits (sectors of scarps), which They facilitate the dragging of particles and the collapse of structures, where dissolution pits and cracks, tidal niches and / or cantilevers, some of considerable dimensions that sometimes become underwater caves, stand out. These characteristics favor the coastal retreat, mainly in the western sectors of the keys ”.

Cayo Ballenato Grande is located just at the eastern end of the Bay of Nuevitas, while, the second, of the Middle or Isla de los Piratas, with 54 meters above sea level, is distinguished by tropical plant formations, especially mangroves, forests dry or coastal xeromorphic scrub, as well as the microphilic greenery that embellishes the three alignments: one large, one medium and one small, as perseverance of nature.

Little Ballenato, located in the west, can also be seen from the Hotel Caonaba.

Yanara Rodríguez Escobar reports that “around Los Ballenatos there are several beliefs and stories in the community: An account that in the large calf before the triumph of the revolution there lived a priest who isolated himself and only went to Punta Gorda from time to time to stocking up.

They also say that chains and remains of a ship have been found behind the calf in the middle that must belong to a sunken ship of which some say that one of its sailors sank it and then fled without ever knowing their intentions and others affirm that: – He did so by order of his captain because they were going to settle on the islet and they wanted to prevent the pirates from entering the coast and looting them.

He adds, “This story may be related to another much talked about by fishermen about a ghost schooner that always appears in that area, either day or night and disappears at the slightest oversight.

—We were fishing and I saw a very large boat, it was a bit far away and it caught my attention that it was going very fast and that it was in the same direction as us and we had not seen it before, when I turned to show it to him it disappeared and no matter how fast going was not enough.

Pescadores testimonian acerca de una goleta fantasma

The informant goes on to say that his companion became very nervous and wanted to leave because he had already heard stories about that schooner and some fishermen who were afraid to anchor near the calf because they were throwing stones at the boats without seeing who or where ”.

On the beautiful and immense bay of Nuevitas stand the three charming little islands that print an incomparable beauty to the Industrial City, where the town of Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe was founded on February 2, 1514. It is a unique landscape that is part of the identity elements of the northern region for which it is included in the municipality’s coat of arms.

To reach a natural viewpoint of the calf in the middle it is essential to climb an original path, “in the company of the iguanas”, a place from where you can get a magnificent panoramic view of the entire bay and its nearby

Ballenato del Medio o Isla de los Piratas

En “torno a los Ballenatos existen varias creencias e historias en la comunidad

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