Satisfaction in Uruguay due to diffusion in Camagüey and Nuevitas of the 2020 Por los Oceanos Literary and Photographic Contest

Camagüey, Cuba, Aug 22.- Satisfaction with the diffusion on the digital portals of the radio stations of Nuevitas and the city of Camagüey of the 2nd Literary and Photographic Contest Por los Oceanos 2020, expressed via email Diego Proverbio de Freitas, organizer of the event, sponsored by the Uruguayan organization Sea Shepherd, who specified that the event has also received very good publicity from Colombia.

He added that media coverage in different parts of the world is extremely important, for our organization, for our contest, but also for the entire planet, we must not forget what this is about. We work to heal a damaged planet, to defend endangered species, to balance the balance, for our ecosystems. Every time that message is spread, a feeling of joy gains us.

Proverbio de Freitas recalled that 266 works were presented in the second edition, from Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico, Canada, Italy, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Slovakia, France, Japan and Thailand.

In the letter, Diego Proverbio de Freitas stated that he felt “a lot of happiness, knowing that this work is valued in such a way from different parts of the planet is really joyful”.

In addition to the repercussion in Cuba, especially in Camagüey, of the 2nd Literary and Photographic Contest Por los Oceanos 2020, whose anthology is already available to readers on Amazon, it also had an impact on the Armando Robles Rivera Rector High School, Valdivia, Chile, a nation in which will show a traveling exhibition in the Los Ríos region.

“The main objective of the contest was to enrich the shelves of our virtual library and increase our dissemination material.

“Those issues that are linked to caring for the environment and fauna, human interaction with these wonderful beings and their environment, pollution, pollution and the influence that our intervention causes on our planet, among other content ”. (Text and photo: Lázaro David Najarro Pujol)/(Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez)

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