Camagüey pictorial project In the crucible of the Caribbean (+ Photos)

By Lázaro David Najarro Pujol

Camagüey, Cuba, Aug 10.- A strong anthropological charge contains the 27 works from the personal exhibition En el cruol del Caribe, by the plastic artist Rodrick Dixon Gently, open at the Julián Morales gallery, of the Camagüey branch of the Unión de Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC).

The curator Juan Carlos Mejías Ruiz, specialist of the Provincial Council of Plastic Arts, selected the most representative of the artistic creation of the creator, based in the municipality of Vertientes, in the south-central part of the capital of Agramont, both in painting and in engravings.

Mejías Ruiz, also a Master of Science, noted that the new show En el cruol del Caribe has roots in Africa in terms of its narrative and in Europe based on some pictorial techniques.

The curator considered that “the cultures of both regions (Africa and Europe) have been mixed and reappropriated by the artist in a way that now results in a new and original proposal …”.

He added that the previous elements work as “a puzzle that when assembled has infinite results and all that substance is added to the Ortitian ajiaco of the cultures in our region.”

He points out that the Caribbean, like a great melting pot where “all possible cultures merge, the emblematic ghosts of the Jamaican tradition interact with the residents of Brown Town, the artist’s old neighborhood in Vertientes, and at some point, when the days are not so fateful, perhaps they will travel to Europe ”.

Considers the curator Juan Carlos Mejías Ruiz Dixon has conjured isolation and remoteness, thanks to his particular work, and from the crucible of the Caribbean he becomes little by little, a universal Cuban, by showing his works both in the town of Vertientes and in France and Italy. (Photos: Courtesy of the curator)(Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez)


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