Camagüey’s author in Uruguayan anthology By the Oceans 2 (+ Photos)

By Milagros Manresa Rodríguez 

August, 2020.- The text for prologue and / or epilogue A unique landscape in the south of Camagüey, the mini-tale Magnitude of coral and the photography Excursion to Bonita beach, by the Camagüey’s journalist Lázaro David Najarro Pujol, will make up the Ebook of the 2nd Literary and Photographic Contest 2020 By the Oceans 2.

The anthology contains the micro-stories, mini stories, poetry and photographs congratulated in the aforementioned contest called from Uruguay, which will be published in this year’s edition, sponsored by the organization Sea Shepherd.

The selection addresses the themes related to caring for the environment, fauna and human interaction with these elements, both positively and negatively.

At the 2nd Literary and Photographic Contest, more than 270 works from 19 countries in America, Europe and Asia were presented. The jury’s opinion was released on August 1.

Najarro Pujol highlights in the collective prologue and / or epilogue, the privilege of his generation to have been able to enjoy a unique landscape in the south of Camagüey: the presence of hundreds of butterflies of different colors, as well as the flight of flocks of flamingos rosados, who looked for food in the mangroves and swamps that covered part of Playa Bonita, in Santa Cruz del Sur.

He recalls that “it was a fascinating and captivating vision of that habitat that has now disappeared.” They delighted in so many birds in flight or perched in the lagoons of the coasts. “In April, the nesting of flamenco took place. The abodes of these birds became a work of art out of their beaks and legs. The landscape was unique a few weeks after the start of spring. ”

Mini story Coral Magnitude ponders the beauties of the reefs of María la Gorda, Cayo Campo, Cayo Blanco, those of Diego Pérez, Thaelmann and the Ring of Dogfish in the archipelago of Los Canarreos, a literary version of chapter seven of the youth series Vientos del sur, broadcast by Radio Cadena Agramonte in the late 2000s.

Meanwhile, the anthology will be included in the photograph, Excursion to Playa Bonita, which illustrates the work of a crew from the Marlinen Operations Base, in the tourist center of Santa Lucía, north of the province of Camagüey.

Diego Proverbio, director of the contest For the Oceans 2, reported that authors from different nations will participate in the formation of the Anthology, responding to the quality and sentiments expressed in the texts received.(Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez)


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