The interactive political forum in Camagüey reiterates the validity of the Moncada Political Program (+ Photos)

Foro Digital interactivo Camagüey, Victoria de las Ideas

Foro Digital interactivo Camagüey, Victoria de las Ideas

By Lázaro David Najarro Pujol 

Camagüey, July 25-The validity of the Moncada Political Program contained in the self-defense statement of the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, was reiterated in the city of Tinajones in the interactive Digital Forum Camagüey, Victoria de las Ideas .

In the event, held at the Santa Cecilia convention center, in the historic center of the capital of Granada, a World Cultural Heritage, the contents of the project were highlighted in the improvement of the work of the Cuban Revolution in Camagüey.

The Camagüey, Victoria de las Ideas forum is part of the actions carried out by the Union of Journalists of Cuba, the José Martí Cultural Society, the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba, the Association of Social Communicators, the Union of Historians of Cuba and Radio Cadena Agramonte, for the 67th anniversary of the assault on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes barracks.

The historian Francisco Luna Marrero illustrated with information the precarious economic situation, inequality and corruption prevailing in Cuba in the Neocolonial Republic, which motivated young revolutionaries, led by Fidel Castro and inspired by the ideas of José Martí, to organize the attacks on the two main military fortresses in the east of the island, so as not to let the Apostle die in the year of his centenary.

Academics Edelmira Rodríguez Portal and Ricardo Pérez Lumpiuig delved into the contents of the Moncada Program, while Roberto Pareta Beltran spoke about July 26 and graphic design in Camagüey.

Also the students Yayné Pérez Valdés and Miguel Antonio Mesa, of the University of Medical Sciences “Carlos J. Finlay” expressed that the existence of the house of high studies where they are overcome is part of the ideas contained in the Moncada Political Program.

They referred that the Moncada of the youth of today is to study and become professionals in the different socio-economic branches of the nation, especially in that related to Public Health and Education, two of the main achievements of the Cuban Revolution.

The young nurse Leidisbet López Cantero, offered an emotional testimony of her experiences as a member of the Cuban medical brigade, belonging to the internationalist contingent Henry Reeve in the confrontation with Covid-19 in the Principality of Andorra, Spain, while Dr. Rocío Argilagos He highlighted the work carried out in the Camaguey municipality of Jimaguayú to report zero contagion of the new coronavirus.

In the interactive Digital Forum Camagüey, Victoria de las Ideas expressed support for the guidance of the highest authorities of the Communist Party of Cuba and the Revolutionary Government by the different organizations of the province, in the voice of Ricardo Muñoz and Sergio Morales Veras, presidents of the Union of Historians and the avant-garde artistic avant-garde, respectively, among other interventions. (Author’s photos).

Leidisbet López Cantero

Leidisbet López Cantero


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