Cuba: world medical power is imposed on those who hate and undo (+Photos)

By Lázaro David Najarro Pujol 

“You only begin to possess life when you empty without hesitation and without tax, for the good of others, ours” (José Martí, National Hero of Cuba

July, 2020.- The project of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, to turn the Greater Antilles into a world medical power is demonstrated today, without a doubt, and recognized by humanity: more than 30 Countries in Africa, Europe and America have the presence of the men and women in white coats who fight for life.

The previous statement is supported, among other evidences, by the performance of the Henry Reeve Contingent, whose members receive international gratitude when more than a hundred organizations from around the world propose it for the Nobel Peace Prize.

That prestige earned with results is recognized in the United States. The Board of Supervisors of the City and County of San Francisco, North American state of California, recently approved a resolution that promotes medical and scientific collaboration with Cuba to fight Covid-19.

The archipelago’s reputation in the public health sector is undeniable, so much so that the aforementioned US organization urged the United States Congress to “remove restrictions on collaboration in time of the current global health emergency.

It also asks to suspend the economic and travel sanctions applied by virtue of the blockade imposed by successive White House governments against the Greater Antilles for more than 60 years, ”according to a cable from the Prensa Latina agency, dated in Washington.

“The legislative body in the San Francisco government thus joined with its resolution to the demand for cooperation and lifting of this coercive policy expressed both within and without this northern nation, when the hostility of the current White House administration against the island increases “Abounds.

Authorities of the northern country carry out a campaign of discredit against the cooperation of the island for the presence in different nations of Cuban medical brigades, but the truth is imposed on lies and misrepresentation.

The Cuban Foreign Ministry urged that, instead of dedicating themselves to promoting cooperation and stimulating a joint response, senior State Department officials’ dedicate their time to issuing threatening statements against those governments that, in the face of the pandemic drama , they sovereignly choose to request aid from Cuba. ‘

In the last hours, the hearts of those who had the unique opportunity to observe a giant light message projected on one side of the dome of the most important building in the Italian city of Turin.

It was read on July 21: THANK YOU CUBA. It also shone, the national flag of the pearl of the Caribbean with “its red triangle, the lone star, three blue stripes and two other white stripes, together with two hands joined in the shape of a heart, formed the tricolor show, unfolded from 22: 00, local time, ”said Prensa Latina.

“La Mole Antonelliana, one of the symbols of the capital of the Piedmont region, was the site chosen for the initiative promoted by the Agency for Cultural and Economic Exchange with Cuba (Aicec) and the island’s embassy in Italy with the sponsorship of the city of Turin and the electric company IREN ”.

It constitutes a token of love and gratitude for the role of Cuba in confronting Covid-19 in the European nation.

The truth, the greatness of a nation that despite the intensification of the economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed by the United States, managed to avoid the massive contagion of Covid-19 and provide solidarity aid to other countries.

‘Doctors and not bombs’, a phrase pronounced by Fidel Castro, today marks Cuba’s growing medical collaboration to combat the epidemic.

The truth, altruism, love of the island of the flag of the lone star are imposed on the perverse campaign against the Cuban medical collaboration orchestrated from the White House, because “those who love and found” paraphrasing the National Hero José Martí, they are imposed on “those who hate and undo”. (Photo: Prensa Latina).(Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez) (Radio Camagüey)


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