Codina Natural Park, where Nature made Magic (Photojournalism)


Text and photos by Lázaro David NajarroPujol

Trinidad, Cuba, Mar 26.-The beautiful walls of the Codina Park impress those who view this anti-stress site in the Natural Landscape Protected Topes de Collantes, in the heart of the mountainous massif Guamuhaya, and 20 kilometers from the city of Trinidad, Cultural Heritage of Humanity, along with its Valley of the Mills.

According to the opinions of the researchers Claribel Suárez Pérez, Ildefonso Orrantia Cárdenas, Alejandro Díaz Medina and Rolando Hurtado Escalante from the point of view of the vegetal formations Codina presents a forest always green, secondary “mesófito”(plant that grows in average conditions of humidity and temperature). They consider that there is a great diversity of fauna with high endemism, which includes a study plot of floristic diversity directed by the Forestry Institute.

They specify in the article titled The Management of the flora for the ecological restoration in protected areas of Topes de Collantes, that the area is subject of conservation and has undergone different changes throughout the history, since the area was completely cleared; today it is in recovery with great stability of its ecosystems by the recovery of the plantations experienced from the years 60, attending to the high fragility.

This large area of the Cuban archipelago is part of the Sierra del Escambray, a mountainous region that covers a rugged area of more than 20000 hectares of the provinces of Villa Clara, Cienfuegos and Sancti Spiritus.

In the Hacienda Codina, located in only eight kilometers of Topes de Collantes, the visitor is greeted with a roast pork in barb, accompanied by the inseparable Congrí Criollo before or after an excursion through The Magic Carpet Trail and the garden of varieties of Orchids and Bamboos.

The spell on The Magic Carpet is palpable in the 1200 meters of tour, with interpretive stops, caves, a viewpoint for observing the breathtaking landscapes and nature.

Codina distinguishes itself equally by its great diversity of birds. It also has a collection of orchids with more than 40 local species, a bamboo grove, the Island of lovers, the corner of Yoga and the Altar cave.

In the Codina Natural Park, elements created by man and nature are harmoniously combined. (translated by Linet Acuña Quilez)

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