Color and light collection of American lens artist in Havana House of ALBA


Text and photo Lázaro David Najarro Pujol

Havana, Cuba, Feb 16.- After its successful exhibition in the East and center of Cuba, the personal exhibition Color and Light, by the American artist of the lens Paul Murray, will be presented from February 19 to March 5 in the House of Alba in the Cuban capital , sponsored, among others, by the Provincial Council of the Plastic Arts of Camagüey.

Spectators from the cities of Ciego de Ávila, Santiago de Cuba and Camagüey, were able to appreciate a selection of 36 images, on the occasion of the national Photographic November event convened by the Photo Library of Cuba. Color and Light, which will open at five o’clock in the afternoon of this February 19, comprises three fundamental themes: the nature, the inventiveness of the human being and the man as subject of the society.

The light is the main protagonist of this mystery that is presented in the sample in which new technologies are fundamental elements according to the considerations of curator Juan Carlos Mejías Ruiz.

American lens artist Paul Murray presented last year, in different cities of Cuba, his exhibition Extreme Latitudes, a selection of 13 snapshots of a dimension of 20 by 13 inches of the more than 400 taken in his six-year journey by the Arctic, Antarctica and Iceland, many of them with international recognition in 2018.

With Color and light, the island becomes the most important receiving country of the snapshots of the American lens artist Paul Murray, after his nation. (Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez)

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