Doll making and painting converge in Camagüey to transmit tenderness (+ photos)

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Text and photos Lázaro David Najarro Pujol

Camagüey, Cuba, Jan 5.-The creators Ileana Sánchez Hing, member of the subsidiary of Camagüey of Plastic Arts of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba and the artisan Carmen Soto González, director of the Project of Carsueños, National Prize of Community Culture 2014 , they unite experience and exchange works that show that the doll making and the painting can converge to transmit tenderness.

Carmen Soto Gonzalez donated to Ileana the new design of the doll Lianita in honor of the prestigious creator, known in Cuba and other latitudes for the series dedicated to cats and portraits of local, national and universal personalities, among many others.

As Ileana Sanchez Hing gave the artisan Carmen Soto Gonzalez, one of the most precious of her works, which contains the Gato Azul a rayas, which to say of the author of El cochecito, is happy to have reached that house full of love , peace, happiness and that will have many friends that every day come out of the hands of the women of the project who sew and sew to spread joy to children, my heart is radiant.

The doll Lianita is one meter high, holding in her right hand a reproduction of a cat in small format, similar to the paintings of Ileana Sanchez Hing, whom Carmen Soto considers an inspiring engine in her life as an artisan.

For Carmen, Lianita must be the joy of the families when it is for sale, on request, at the headquarters of the Project of Local Initiative Carsueños in the city of Camagüey. Children can hug it because it is a doll that although will always be with her kitten loves the bustier.

Ileana Sánchez Hing expressed excited that Carsueños can give love, reach the heart of Camagüey´s children and to the difficult sites, which represent a point of convergence between the two creators, scenarios where it is essential to touch the art.

She acknowledged that the beautiful doll Lianita knocked her doors at a very delicate time in her life and found in Carmen a support, a shoulder, a friend on the side of the computer in the nights of loneliness, sadness and also happiness.

She said she was very honored to be inspired by her and her work for the design of the doll Lianita, a work that conveys joy, peace and harmony with her round face, expressive, big and black eyes. It is ideal for hug her and walking around the streets.

I have proposed in 2019 to be a happy woman again, she assured with brilliance in her eyes the artist Camagüey of plastic Ileana Sánchez Hing (Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez)

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