Taino Axe Ceremony Closes World Artistic Festival in Cuba

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Written by Lázaro D. Najarro Pujol

Holguín.- The 22nd Romerias de Mayo Festival concludes today here with the sowing of the tree of friendship and hoisting of the Taino Axe, an event attended by more than 350 foreign delegates from 26 nations of the five continents.

Become the World Artistic Youth Festival, from May 2 to 8, the meeting, in which all art converge, has this city, about 774 kilometers east of Havana, as a permanent scenario, sponsored by the Hermanos Saíz Association, bringing together the new Cuban creators.

Chilean Maricio Vergara thought the festival is an great show of Young Art that unites nations worldwide, an invitation of modernity and traditions. He said his country will be represented by a group of Mapuche people during the 23rd edition of this event.

Young Argentinian Alejandro Dubal stated that during a week, his delegation interacted with artists from Holguin in different popular traditional cultural activities from both nations.

Meanwhile, Canadian youths and adolescents coincided in the importance of the Romerías de Mayo festival as an opportunity for artistic fraternity, and thanked the coherence of the event, which has a project to promote Autentica Cuba and its cultural values.

International master Sadvhi Yamuna Puri, coming from Spain, said she could verify in Holguin the unity among delegates and stressed that “culture joins and this festival is an exchange for greater understanding.”

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