Seventh in Camagüey Symposium on the historical cities management

Villa de Santa Maria del Puerto del Principe, hoy Camagüey

The Office of Historian of the City of Camagüey is inviting all the professionals of the architecture, urbanism of the historical cities to participate on the “7th National Symposium on Challenges in the City Management” from January 31 to February the 2nd 2013, as part of the activities of the Culture Week in Camagüey.

The “Urban mobility in patrimonial cities” will be the main theme of this series. It will be special because is going to be celebrated in the middle of an intense program of theoretical and material actions aimed at preparing the major city to receive the 500 anniversary of the once villa of Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe.

What are the shape and function of the city of today? And how can and must be the mobility in the cities and territories highly engaged to its heritage? will be key questions to answer in the debates and presentations.

The presentation of masterly lectures offered by experts, exhibitions and collateral lectures are also included in the program of this seventh symposium, back up by the acquire prestige since 2006 and its irrefutable influence in the recognition and consolidation of the heritage of the city of Camagüey, which old town was declared World Cultural Heritage in 2008. (Source:

Lic. Inés María López Hernández

Cooperación Internacional

Oficina del Historiador de la   Ciudad de Camagüey

Teléfono (53) 32 295603

Convocan en Camagüey a Simposio sobre manejo de ciudades históricas



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